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Burnaby – Lets not lose momentum – pt.1

November 18, 2011

It is less than 48 hours before the polls close for the municipal elections.  I am panicked, anxious, but also somewhat satisfied.  I may be naive in feeling this way, but I think we have shifted some of the debate in the city.  I feel like the Burnaby Greens are gaining a core of strong, vocal supporters.  This is amazing! I never imagined how good it would feel to hear someone say ‘you have my vote’, its truly unreal.

However, I won’t fool myself before Nov. 19th.  We have a council that has all 8 seats, has had them for many years, and has lots of money / NDP supporters in their corner.  It is an uphill battle for us in 2011, but I am very optimistic as we move forward.

I am labeling this blog lets not lose momentum – pt.1.  This post is all about keeping our political ball rolling so to speak.  November 19th does not spell the end of the Burnaby Greens, win or lose, our core group will stick together, rallying around the issues we feel are important to us.  As I am writing this blog I am printing off my application to become a candidate provincially with the Greens.  I am not sure where that will be, but I am very excited about the momentum I have built, and I must say thanks to all of the people that have rallied behind us – so from the bottom of my heart thank you!

I want to start thinking about the provincial election (mark your calendars for May 14th, 2013!).  I want to really re-think the way we engage our citizens.  Jane Sterk (leader of the BC Greens) advocates for neighbourhood meetings in the homes of community members, and I want to start this process now.  I want to sit down with you, and your neighbours, and talk about the issues that effect you.  I want to come into the 2013 election cycle knowing what our residents want, not just what I want, or what our party wants.

I think we have an opportunity to change the way things are done politically, so lets start the work now! Please email me any time at, I would love to chat, and even more to sit down, have a drink (coffee, tea, beer…) and hear your ideas on how to engage our city.  And I want to invite you to join me, and the team at the Burnaby Greens to make a difference in our city.

Momentum here is so important to me.  This post is about political momentum – check back tomorrow for more on personal momentum, things that I would love to see in our city, and with your help can make it happen!  Please come back, check out my thoughts, and join in with us.

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